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Lean Innovation

Service Design 

 Dev and E-Commerce

UX Strategy

Our Speciality

Product thinking. 

We emphasise customer needs and continuously evolve your proposition so it’s fresh and relevant - aligned with the desired outcomes. 

Service Design

UI Design

Frontend Dev

User Research

UX Strategy


Lean innovations that drives growth

and that your customers are keen to pay for!




We help you identify those frictions and transform them into business opportunities through specialist research. We prototype those hypothesis and test them.

If it’s a pain for your target audience, it’s a pain for us!

Once we’ve identified (and collected sufficient evidence of the right problem-solution-market fit) we create MVPs which are appropriate to the the core goals you aim to achieve. 

Whichever form it may take, we make sure your solution looks and behaves flawlessly - built to scale!

Insight-driven continuous improvement can deliver measurable growth to your bottom line. We interpret all available data, and the knowledge of your team to develop the necessary initiatives to meet and exceed requirements. 

From simple UX A/B testing to a whole know customer journey on your e-commerce platform. 







E-Commerce Development

Facing all those those usual Magento 2 problems?

Migrations, updates, site speed, integrations and customisations - to name only a few.

We scope, advice and liaise with some of the best Magento 2 specialists to get things done.  



Get the talent you need with a flexible, cost-effective model which adapts to your needs.

Companies big and small use contractors to augment their capacity on specific projects and digital initiatives as a way to get the skills they need for short periods of time without the commitment of hiring permanent employees. 

Hiring contractors, however, bring its own unique range of challenges.

Our model can minimise management overheads while increasing productivity, quality of the output and simultaneously reducing costs.

Consistent quality

Cost & Compliance

Considerable cost savings and full ownership of legal responsabilities. 


Remote contractors are supported by a senior, permanent team member who mentors them and keeps track of activitivies   

We apply design frameworks and methodologies, supported by a cross-functional resident team who oversees all work. 

No team member is left unsupported.

On-site Lead

A on-site lead works with your team. 

Building relationships and ensuring requirements are understood by the remote team and client expectations are met.

Remote Squads

Agile squads of around 5/6 professionais work their magic in sunny Lisbon - one of the hotest places for digital innovation in europe. 

Let us help you!

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